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Mliswa pushes for education recquirement for MPs

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Nov 2018 at 14:31hrs | Views
Norton Member of Parliambert Temba Mliswa has vowed to push for a law that will require who stand as Members  of Parliament possess a minimum academic qualification. This followed after MPs were seen fighting over a chair during a session.

"The behaviour of many of Members of Parliament in political parties leaves a lot to be desired. In Parliament there were no questions of substance only  arguments on petty issues dominated. Two MPs were witnessed fighting for a chair. Is this what our people deserve? What a waste of tax payers,"said Mliswa.

"We need to reflect on people we choose to represent us. Such behaviour is indicative of a lack of capacity. Hence, I reiterate that there must be a provision for minimum education levels for one to stand as a legislator. For as long as there are no criteria it will be a circus.

"I will be moving such a motion soon following yesterday s motion that I moved against political party's whipping system which limits MP's ability to debate freely, earnestly and without fear or favour on issues that affect the people of Zimbabwe where matters appear to contradict party lines."

Zimbabwe s parliament is always marred by trivial matters and fights. In 2017,  tempers flared in Parliament  after Gokwe-Nembudziya MP, Justice Mayor Wadyajena  interjected the then fellow Zanu PF MP, Sarah Mahoka speech over use of the word ngwena (crocodile).

Mahoka had claimed in Shona that schoolchildren in some parts of the country were being mauled by crocodiles, as they crossed flooded rivers to school. Wadyajena interjected her, asking, which crocodile are you referring to?

Ngwena is a term used in Zanu PF circles to refer to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This did not augur well with Mahoka, who warned Wadyajena against trivialising Parliament business, but Wadyajena kept interjecting, demanding her to be specify the type of crocodile she was referring to.

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