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Moses Mzila and sons freed

by Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity
19 Nov 2018 at 16:24hrs | Views
This comes as a way of an update on the arrest of Moses Mzila Ndlovu and his sons, 19 and 20 year olds respectively.

The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement phoned the lawyers and Mzila himself for an update and got to know that they were still held up at Figtree police station.

The lawyers were busy dealing with the case at the time of calling. A few minutes after the call, we got news that Mzila and Sons have been released and are to appear at Plumtree Court tomorrow at 9.00 am.

Mzila is extremely concerned about the abuse he is facing and particularly the abuse directed at his children.  That is his main concern and not about himself.

 He is prepared to deal with this issue headon and decries the fact criminals can come and poach in his farm, which they have done several times, and as is the case in Zimbabwe he is criminalized and targeted on trumped up charges for this and criminals are let scot free.

Meanwhile the 1893 MHRRM has been making contacts with key people to raise the temperature of this brazen harrassment of Moses Mzila and his sons. Already this has yielded results and the international eyes are on this case as we speak and contacts have been made with Mzila directly.

We call on our people to attend the Plumtree court case tomorrow in support of this gallant son of Mthwakazi and his sons and family.

We thank the lawyers who are doing a great job under very trying circumstances in Zimbabwe. We thank international contacts that have made supportive gestures to Mzila and sons. Surely Zimbabwe is not open for business but it is open for gross human rights violations.

Source - Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity