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Zimbabweans petition Mangudya to resign

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Nov 2018 at 21:34hrs | Views
A group of disgruntled Zimbabweans have written a petition to embattled Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Panonetsa Mangudya to resign.

The online petition which is fronted by Zimbabweans under the banner called OAUS was launched on Tuesday afternoon.

Part of the petition reads, "On 16 June 2016 a group of citizens met with you with strong concern over the then newly introduced bond notes. It is reported that you went to great lengths to assure them that the measure would work and even went as far as to say that you would resign if it did not.

"It is now over two years later. The bond notes did not hold their value, as citizens told you they would not. These notes that were meant to ease liquidity saw the once available US dollars in circulation become scarce. It is unnecessary to go into depth on the current economic turmoil and market instability, except to point out that inflation and currency are tied up in it.

"There are, of course, deeper fundamental problems with our economy. However, the purpose of this letter is simple. You as an office-bearer made the citizens of Zimbabwe a promise. You said you would resign. You have not kept that promise. One of the facets of our ongoing crisis is lack of accountability, lack of trust and most of all lack of integrity on the part of men like you – men who are entrusted to make important decisions that affect millions of people."

The petitioners demanded that Mangudya immediately resign from his position as according to his promise in 2016.

"You have played a part in where we are today, and because of this, we demand that you the honourable thing and resign, as you promised to do in 2016. We shall not accept any excuses or blame-shifting. You should have resigned the moment it became clear the bond notes would not deliver what you had promised they would. The long-suffering citizens of this nation will only see an improvement in their condition when those who occupy important offices are held to account, when lies and broken promises are no longer tolerated. Do the right thing, Governor, for the sake of Zimbabwe and her people. Resign."
Recently, the central bank was hit by controversy after hired henchman William Mutumanje alleged there are corrupt activities happening in the bank which involve top bosses.

Source - Byo24News