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Ministry of Information invites palyers to a roundtable

by Mandla Ndlovu
21 Nov 2018 at 14:52hrs | Views
 The Minister of Information, publicity and Broadacsting services has extended a hand of invitation to all stakeholders, particularly the media, civil society, advertising agencies, academics and other interested parties to roundtable discussions to amend and realign media laws with the Constitution.
The Round table discussions will be held at Compensation House in Hare during the following dates:

Print Media and Publishing Houses:                                      26 November 2018
TV and radio Broadcasters:                                                   27 November 2018
Civic Media Organisations and Special Groups:                   28 November 2018
Advertising Agencies and Online Publishers:                       29 November 2018
Academics and Interested Parties:                                       30 November 2018

Source - Byo24News