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Ray Ndlovu blames publisher for Gukurahundi error

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Nov 2018 at 13:49hrs | Views
Ray Ndlovu the author of the much publicised book: In the jaws of a crocodile has blamed his publisher Penguin South Africa over the attempt to delink President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the Gukurahundi genocide narration in his book.

Speaking during a discussion at a: 'Writing beyond Mugabe's Zimbabwe' symposium held at Havard University recently Ndlovu said,"There is no doubt in my mind that Gukurahundi happened, people were killed and some went missing."

"I would concede and say it is purely from an editorial point of view that the issue is liad that way in the book." Ndlovu said.

"There is a certain way in which the original manuscript had been put across and there were concerns raised to me by my publisher which I can not mention in public.
In a revised version that is something that must be looked upon. "

Recently exiled former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo told Ray Ndlovu and Penguin SA that they can never sweep Gukurahundi under the carpet.

"Ray Ndlovu and Penguin Books SA must know that Gukurahundi genocide is not a bygone. Sanitising Mnangagwa's role in Gukurahundi atrocities through a sponsored hagiography will not fly. The consequences are too gory to hide!"

On page 179 of the book  the writer comes out properly in the open in relation to Gukurahundi and Mnangagwa.

Ndlovu on that page writes: "Sitting in his presence, I (Ndlovu) find it is almost impossible to regard him (Mnangagwa) as ruthless and cruel, as the man who various media reports allege was involved in the Gukurahundi massacres of the mid-1980s when he was State Security minister."

Former President Robert Mugabe instituted a commission of inquiry into the Gukurahundi genocide and the report which is called the Chihambakwe Commission report was never put to the public.

Source - Byo24News