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Magaya urges Mnangagwa to repent

by newzimbabwe
26 Nov 2018 at 08:08hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Devine Destiny Network leader Bishop Ancelimo Magaya says President Emmerson Mnangagwa must own up to his and his party's past evils as this was the only way their hurting victims could forget the transgressions and start charting a path into the future.

The outspoken cleric was addressing journalists in Harare on Saturday.

In his comments, Bishop Magaya urged President Mnangagwa to emulate Kunaka who has admitted and shown regret for his past wrongs.

Magaya said this was the first step towards repentance.

"Kunaka set the bar quite high for his erstwhile colleagues in the former party by clearly telling the nation that he regrets his involvement in cruel and dastardly acts in which violence was unleashed on civilians.

"We urge the President to emulate the once junior member of his party.

"Kunaka's recent admissions at the Commission of Inquiry over his dark past while in Zanu-PF need to be applauded," said Magaya.

Magaya said it was not easy to forget about the mass killings of the 1980s and the recent shootings when those who killed continued to deny any involvement.

President Mnangagwa has often told the nation that it must forget about past transgressions and "let bygones be bygones".

Bishop Magaya was quick to trash the statements.

"Such a statement is highly unacceptable, mischievous and a failure on his (President Mnangagwa) part to own up to past evils," he said.

Source - newzimbabwe