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Jonathan Moyo's statements haunt him

by Mandla Ndlovu
30 Nov 2018 at 08:06hrs | Views
Exiled former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo was forced to explain what he meant when he said, 'Harare is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Harare in 2002'.

This was after he posted tweets on social media celebrating the numbers of people who turned out to attend the  demonstration and rally conducted by MDC  on Thursday in Harare.

I said "Harare is not Zimbabwe & Zimbabwe is not Harare in March 2002 to explain that the long polling queues in Harare would not decide the national vote for president. This remains true. Now Harare has 29 constituencies and Zimbabwe has 210. It's a no brainer, even for dunderheads." Moyo said.

Professor Moyo a former fiery critic of the opposition, changed tone and sang MDC praises after he survived a military intervention that ended Robert Mugabe's 37 years of repressive rule.

The state media recently branded Jonathan Moyo an advisor to Nelson Chamisa an allegation which Moyo scoffed at.

"After claiming they won the disputed election and even after the ConCourt has endorsed that claim, the self-claimed winners are still running scared. Now they've a new scapegoat: moi! (me)" Moyo said.

"On the eve of the 30 July election, they said a vote for Chamisa was a vote for Mugabe. And on the eve of the ConCourt decision, they again pointed fingers at Mugabe, who appointed the bench. After the ConCourt sided with them, they needed a new bogeyman: Jonathan Moyo.

"Me Chamisa's advisor? I'm flattered to learn from the reliable Sunday Mail that, out of the blue, the junta has appointed me as Nelson Chamisa's advisor. I hope Chamisa will confirm this great appointment for which I expect to be remunerated handsomely. Please, no junta jokes!

"Let's get the facts and figures right. If I were Chamisa's advisor, I wouldn't advise him to form a political party when even fools know he is Tsvangirai's successor as MDC leader. But I would tell him to stay the course with the over 2,6 million Zimbabweans who voted for him."

Source - Byo24News