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Chiwenga plots to resign from Vice Presidency?

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Dec 2018 at 12:18hrs | Views
In a sudden twist of events, Vice President Constantino Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga is reportedly planning to resign from his post after the  Esigodini December congress it has been reported.

A central committee member from Mashonaland East who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed the alleged plot being planned by the Vice President.

"I can tell you mukoma that there has been a twist of events in the power matrix of the Revolutionary party." The source said. "Some comrades close to the General have been involved in a plan to convince him to resign from the Vice Presidency position so that he can have more power and free movement towards succeeding Number 1 (President Mnangagwa)."
"The feeling among the  cdes especially from Mashonaland East is that now the General is overshadowed by number in terms of his discharge of duty because most of the things that he is during has to be reported to or sanctioned by number 1. So, when he resigns but remains in the politiburo, he will wield much power and will have much time in planning the succession map.

"Recently there were reports that Number 1 and the General had buried the hatchet, yes that was true, but it was only true to the extent that they are now working together very well hence you see the show of unity in public events. But I want to assure you that, that does not take away the plan that is there to make sure the General assumes the post that is rightfully his.

"However, I would also want to be frank to you that there are some us who feel that when the General is there, he is much closer to the throne and controls the levers of power. We will have a problem if the General resigns and then Madam Oppah (Muchinguri-kashiri) takes over the post because she is friends with Mutsvangwas and you may not be sure what plan they may hatch. So we are toting to convince the General not to resign.

"The other thing also that you may want to take note of is the stampede to endorse Number 1 as the Presidential candidate for 2023 just 90 days after the harmonised elections. You are clearly seeing a panicking group of people within the revolutionary party who are not open to healthy democracy. We are not about to groom a dictatorship again, lets allow the congresses to elect the leadership that people deserve without duress"

Recently there were reports that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga have found each other ahead of the December ZANU PF conference.

ZANU PF is reportedly planning to effect a number of  changes a to  the party's constitution and a clause that will recognize former President Robert Gabriel  Mugabe as the founding Father of ZANU PF.

ZANU-PF has tentatively set December 11 to 16 as dates for its 17th Annual National People's Conference to be held in Esigodini, Matabeleland South Province, where 5 000 delegates are expected to attend.

Source - Byo24News