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Linda Masarira's letter to Mthuli Ncube

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Dec 2018 at 16:57hrs | Views

National Spokesperson of MDC-T led by Dr Thokozani Khuphe has written to the Minister of finance Mthuli Ncube questioning his lack of providing a clear roadmap amidst the mounting economic woes that are bedevilling the country. She also urged the Minister to come out in the open about the fuel crisis hitting the country.

Zimbabwe has been suffering a currency crisis, lack of hard cash, price increase and fuel shortages  among other issues.

We publish Masarari's letter below:

Minister Mthuli Ncube, I am worried about Zimbabwe and I can not see a clear roadmap from your office on reviving the economy. Honestly speaking, Zimbabwe is collapsing and  the economy keeps plunging deeper into murky waters. Good words and promises are not what we need.

Zimbabwe needs functional industries and factories producing goods so that we increase exports. 90% of government expenditure goes to pay civil servants' salaries. Does Zimbabwe have any reserves that back foreign currency? What is being kept in the reserve bank

As a reminder Mthuli Ncube what is the civil service pay bill against the current government expenditure? Information from the Ministry of Information Media and Broadcasting Services  is that there is adequate fuel contrary to the situation on the ground. How do you intend to resolve the fuel crisis as Minister of Finance?

When Ministry of Information says there is enough fuel are they talking about the fuel reserves in the bonded storage facilities in Msasa which cannot be released until it has been paid for in forex? The truth will set Zimbabwe free, tell us the truth about this fuel crisis.

Recently, Energy and Power Development Minister Joram Gumbo Fuel said service stations are getting the normal supplies of a combined eight million litres daily, but panic buying by motorists in anticipation of a price increase and the festive season have meant that queues continue to exist.

In an interview with state Media, he indicated that there were enough fuel stocks at Msasa fuel depot, and there was no need for motorists to panic.

Source - Byo24News