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Multi-million dollar theft of tax payer's money exposed

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Dec 2018 at 10:29hrs | Views
Whistleblower Prisca Mutema has exposed an alleged multi-million dollar theft of taxpayers money involving government paymaster Brighton Chiuzungo and Ngoni Masoka who served as the permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service.

Mutema alleged that the two hired and promoted ghost workers and would split the money among themselves.

Hereunder we publish the whole expose':

Brighton Chiuzingo is the  Zimbabwe government  Paymaster General. He is a thief and a major reason why government spends 95% of its budget just on salaries. He is also part of a cartel that involves the Registrar General and  the Immigration Department. The cartel's business is fraud.

Then there is Ngoni Masoka, former Permanent Secretary in the Public Service Ministry and Chairman, & Godfather of  NSSA.
 Since 2014, these two have stolen millions of US dollars through government payroll and NSSA. He is also the reason 95% of government  budget is spent on salaries.
These two have also been running a car scam also linked to the governemnt payroll scam. They registered thousands of ghost workers, around 8 700 of them being confirmed. 4 000 of these were discovered this year and deleted. But another 4 700 are still on, including 117 Masoka relatives.

These ghost workers were even ‘promoted' in the system, until they got to a level entitling them to a car. Masoka, Chiuzingo and their cartel would share the salary monies, get the cars and sell them at way below market values.

They also broke the law by allocating new cars every year to some of the ‘promoted' ghosts. The old cars would be written off as having been ‘sold' to the previous civil servant ‘owner' at book value.

In this way, Masoka managed, within five years, to get a Ford Ranger with 1 000kms on the clock for $641, 2 Hilux twin-cabs, Reg Nos ADA 1720 & ADA 1721 and an Isuzu twin-cab.

Masoka is also a beneficiary of the NPL's ZAMCO saga through 3 banks, mostly for loans for his farm Chimombe,  in Matepatepa, Bindura. The farm is a derelict wreck. The previous owner was able to make a gross income of $3 million a year from that farm.

He and  his accomplices have stolen vast amounts of money through appointing crony companies for building or renovating offices as well as ‘investments' in dodgy companies e.g. Renaissance & Capital Bank, ‘loans' from NSSA etc. In 1 year (2013-2014), they got loans of $18.7 million.

All these are non-performing loans never paid back. A lot of those loans were transferred to a new NSSA bank, NBS, which in turn just sold them to ZAMCO and got you and me to pay them off.

Chiuzingo's latest brazen theft happened last month, when he gave himself a 40% salary increase, backdated it to January 2018 and then paid himself the backdated salary and arrears immediately at the end of last month Nov. 2018.

The Ministry confirms he is not entitled to this salary increase, it was not sanctioned by the ministry of public service or by his bosses at the Public Service Commission.

He has done this because the 4000 ghost workers deleted from the payroll, plus the tightening of the rules at the SSB by Mthuli Ncube  and George Guvamatanga.

This money needs to be recovered. Firing these people is not enough. Retiring them with all benefits is licensing impunity. Evidence is in Auditor-General's reports.
Perhaps Mthuli Ncube and Guvamatanga can help the country by recovering this money wherever it has been put. Arresting Chiuzingo and Masoka should lead to the identity of the rest of the cartel.

Mutema recently wrote another statement detailing how Reserve Bank Governor allegedly benefited 1 billion dollars from non-perfoming loans.

Source - Byo24News