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Mphoko's arrest takes new twist

by Mandla Ndlovu
08 Dec 2018 at 08:24hrs | Views
Former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko's son Siqokoqela is arrested over the alleged refusal of renewing permits for Indian workers at Choppies and not flouting any bail conditions, it has been revealed.

The issue was cleared up by her sister Siduduzo Mphoko who took to Facebook to ventilate her views on the issue.

"My brother Siqokoqela Mphoko's revoking of his bail, is unjustified because it is not based on law because every single accusation put against him was destroyed in court." Siduduzo said "It is based on the manipulation by Mr Ramachandran and the Indian nationals who work under Choppies Zimbabwe.

"It is no secret that Mr Ramachandran has been wanting to take over Choppies Zimbabwe.

"They have been challenging the 51/49 % shareholding agreement, which is government law , and instead Insisting they own 93% of the shares. Hence Mr Ramachandran has been harassing my brother and his wife in court with false allegations."

Recently Chairperson of the Choppies workers union Zwelithini Malinga told this publication that, "The Indian managers practice racism, sexual harassment of female staff, and vulgar language like Africans are baboons and monkeys, which is a violation of labour laws of Zimbabwe."

"The 50 Indian nationals came under a 3 year work permit agreement. It was agreed that once they had completed there 3 year term their permits would not be renewed. This is an immigration issue and has nothing to do with my brother." Siduduzo continued.

"To date, 20 of the Indian nationals work permits have expired because they have completed their 3 year term. Their sole purpose of being in Zimbabwe was to train their Zimbabwean national counterparts who work at Choppies. But because Mr Ramachandran does not want the Indian nationals to leave the country, for whatever his personal reasons are, he has linked the immigration issue which has nothing to do with the court case against my brother ,as the reason to revoke his bail.

"To this date the Indian nationals continue to occupy the positions hence blocking the trained Zimbabweans from filling their positions.

"This Ramachandran is currently in court in Botswana for charges of fraud and money laundering. One of the Indians, making charges against my brother, Unni, is a prohibited immigrant in Botswana for insulting the then President of Botswana Ian Khama.

"The Indian nationals in Zimbabwe have been harassing the black employees, by calling them baboons, having them clean up their vomit with their bare hands, and sexually harassing the female workers.

"The money laundering crimes of the Indians, which have been reported have not been addressed. Instead they arrested my brother on false charges."

Recently we gathered that Vice Chairperson and Founder Choppies Enterprises Farouk Ismail, Gaborone High Court Judge Zein Kebonang and businessman Moitsheki 'Checks' Lekalake were in the country  last week to meet the Mphoko family.

The Mphoko family's lawyer Welshman Ncube confirmed that "yes Mr Farouk came here accompanied by two gentlemen."

Asked what the purpose of their visit was, Ncube said "essentially they were apologising for the improper treatment that the Mphokos had been subjected to; the unnecessary litigation that had been put... criminal charges that had been reported and basically asking if it was possible for that apology to be accepted and let bygones be bygones."

Source - Byo24News