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ZANU PF's 'War Room' exposed?

by Mandla Ndlovu
12 Dec 2018 at 16:12hrs | Views
William Mutumaje (Acie Lumumba) ran a ZANU PF media ‘war room'  comprising of an informal grouping of party comrades with expertise in social media and public relations to launch an ‘aerial battle' during the 2018 elections a whistleblower has alleged.

"I can confirm to you that during the 2018 campaign period Acie Lumumba was running ZANU PF's social media war roorm." The source alleged. "Lumumba was receiving funding under then project which was called 1 say communications from the Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu."

The source alleged that ZANU PF had borrowed the concept form the African National Congress War Room which was meant to prop up the image of South Africa's ruling party in the last elections.

"The project was based in Newlands and was originally the equivalent of ANC's war room project where social media experts were hired to campaign for President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. Many twitter and facebook accounts were opened to flood the social media with positive images of a rebranded President who as the voice of change. If you remember well there was flooding of young pretty girls and young men cladding in ED regalia. Everything was created, perfected in Newlands and marketed to the Zimbabweans. "

The source alleges that trouble befell Mutumanje when the elections were over and Obert Mpofu stopped funding 1 Say Communications.

"When we had won the election Obert stopped sending funds to this project because there was no longer need to do that. Acie began to generate hatred for Obert. You will remember  he was forced to change tactic and resort to other forms of making money from social media.

"This is when mpfana Acie fell into the hands of Chris Mutsvangwa who gave him money. Remember  Acie confessed that he was given US$40 000 by Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa to do a hatchet job against Kuda Tagwirei?

"Nyaya ya Chris is that he is a bitter man after losing Norton seat which he thought if he won,it was going to guarantee him  the Ministry of Energy position so that he pushes his fuel business agenda. Hence due to his bitterness he is  now fighting and sabotaging everything and everyone."

These revelations come at a time when ZANU PF is holding its annual National People's Conference in Esigodini Matabeleland South where a number of constitutional amendments are expected to take place. The Conference is also expected to endorse President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the sole candidate of the party in 2023.

Source - Byo24News