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Mutsvangwa, Mangwana in messy fight with Energy Mutodi?

by Staff reporter
15 Dec 2018 at 08:05hrs | Views
A war is brewing unnoticed at the Information Ministry pitting Monica Mutsvangwa and Nick Mangwana on one end against Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi on the other hand, details have emerged.

Following the appointment of cabinet last September, Monica Mutsvangwa is alleged  to have personally requested President Mnangagwa to drop George Charamba as Permanent Secretary in favour of Nick Mangwana whom she is now allegedly  working with to fight her Deputy out of the information ministry.

According to reports, all hell broke loose when the Deputy Minister Mutodi refused to rubber stamp decisions which the minister is said to  have deliberated and agreed on at home with her husband Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa. Among the decisions cited include a dismissal of Herald Editors, an onslaught against fuel giant Sakunda among other decisions and a fight against some senior government and party officials among them Political Commissar Engelbert Rugeje and Vice President Chiwenga. It is alleged that Mutodi categorically told Mutsvangwa that he will not be drawn into wars that are outside his lifespan.

Following the disagreements, Monica Mutsvangwa has reportedly taken the war on Mutodi by denigrating her Deputy in front of President Mnangagwa where she called her deputy too many names.

The former Manicaland resident minister is alleged to have found a matching ally to fight her Deputy in Nick Mangwana who is said to be openly fighting against Mutodi including instructing ZBC not to cover the Deputy Minister.

Nick Mangwana is reportedly running a team of cyber network operatives who tweet badly on the Deputy Minister  Mutodi and also allegedly strategized with Monica on how Mutodi can end up being not part of the Ministry.

"Mangwana feels his work is overshadowed if Mutodi remains part of the ministry and has been frustrating the Deputy Minister in a number of ways including refusing to issue him a ministry vehicle. Since his appointment, Mutodi continues to use his own vehicle while Monica Mutsvangwa and Nick Mangwana have a wide selection of pool cars to select from. Mutodi was initially allocated a vehicle which was involved in an accident which the Deputy Minister believes was an attempt on his life by his political foes." Said a source in the Ministry.

"Monica Mutsvangwa and Nick Mangwana continue to fight Mutodi including in the recent days where it is  alleged that the deputy Minister received US$500 000 bribe from a Korean religious organization led by Dr Hak Ja Han Moon."

Following the allegation that went viral on social media, the Korean organization issued a statement distancing itself from any corrupt dealings and suggesting that it was the Deputy Minister's political enemies who were behind the false bribery allegations.

Source - Byo24News