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Apostle Talent Chiwenga is not only a foolish prophet but also fake

by Don Chigumba
16 Dec 2018 at 14:07hrs | Views
The destination of a human being starts with birth and ends with death. Even if one goes for expensive and superior medical facilities, death won't be avoided. In case of sickness or death, victims/close friends always become psychologically confused. Fake apostles/prophets like Talent Chiwenga are there on time in order to take advantage of the confusion.  The aim of this piece is to request Zimbabweans to join me in condemning Talent Chiwenga, he should stop the behavior of attacking all churches/religious institutions in Zimbabwe and avoid taking advantage of the inevitable deaths of humanity for personal gains.

Apostle Chiwenga increased the number of his followers when he prophesied that two leaders, close  allies to the controversial president ED Mnangagwa will die within 90 days following the questionable national elections of 2018. Anyone whether in ZANU-PF or MDC can die anytime, for apostle Chiwenga to take advantage of the inevitable deaths of human beings is unbecoming. True prophets in the Bible were known for interceding against deaths in the case of deaths announcement to them by God.

The behavior of celebrating deaths is known to be unique to witches. I won't be surprised if people convince me that Apostle Chiwenga is a witchdoctor or an evil blood-thirst. If Apostle Chiwenga is not a witch, he should have interceded against the claimed deaths of the Mnangagwa allies. Instead of interceding, apostle Chiwenga had to show happiness, a situation that was not the case with the Biblical apostles/prophets.

Apostle Chiwenga is known for attaching/abusing all churches/religious institutions in Zimbabwe. He attacked/questioned the spirituality of apostle Ezekiel Guti, Prophet Mwazha, Johane Masowe, Johane Marange, Prophet Makandiwa, Prophet Magaya and Pastor Evan Mawarire among others. Attacking fellow religious leaders should not be the duty of Apostle Chiwenga. He needs only to preach the word of God and leave everything for God to judge.

I believe that, no matter how evil he is, the man of God Ezekiel Guti establish a university to educate the Zimbabweans. I doubt whether the church of apostle Chiwenga (Apostle T Chiwenga Ministries) has even a single kindergarten institution in Zimbabwe. Churches that are ordained by God are known by establishing primary & secondary schools, colleges and universities. The work being done by Roman Catholic, Anglican, Reformed Church, Methodist Churches, Zion Christian Church, Lutheran church, Baptist Church and other churches should be recommended. Apostle Chiwenga is busy spitting venom rather than constructing education institutions across Zimbabwe.

I am yet to be informed of even a dispensary that was constructed by Apostle Chiwenga's Church. The churches can serve God by providing medical facilities to His people. We have got big hospitals across Zimbabwe established by Main-line churches because they know that the people of God are vulnerable to sickness. There is nothing that Apostle Chiwenga can boast about except his 'wide open' mouth.

Go to Main-line churches (Catholic, Methodist, Reformed Church in Zimbabwe, Baptist etc.) you can't hear them prophesying about deaths. Their Christian vocation is to construct clinics/hospitals and serve lives while Apostle Chiwenga and witches are busy celebrating the deaths of fellow human beings on social media.  There are a lot for Apostle Chiwenga to learn from the Main-line churches, he needs to swallow his pride and open his heart.

It is foolish and na├»ve for Apostle Chiwenga to tell the Main-line churches that they do not know God after their immense contribution in education and health sectors in Zimbabwe and the globe. Apostle Chiwenga may be allowed to attack politicians but not Main-line churches that existed before his ancestors.  Apostle Chiwenga is a foolish and an emotional young man with a confused ego. Religious matters are too complex for Apostle Chiwenga to comprehend and should stop claiming to be the alpha and omega of the religious experiences.

I want to urge my fellow Zimbabweans that sickness and death are inevitable, fake apostles/prophets can take advantage of these miseries for their own benefit. If your church does not have a school, hospital etc. and you have a Bishop/Prophet/Apostle swimming in luxury, you must be sure that your tithe is being converted for personal or family gains. There are prophets who are now prominent business people, most of them used tithes to be where they are today.   I therefore want to urge the brethren not to over-trust their church leaders, they should be treated as ordinary human beings too. There is no need for people to fear death because dying is unavoidable just like oxygen. We should always remember that 'death doesn't kill', but makes you to sleep in safe mode.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba