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Strive Masiyiwa - Mawere fight exposes rot in ZANU PF

by Mandla Ndlovu
31 Dec 2018 at 19:09hrs | Views
The fight between Strive Masiyiwa, Mutumwa Mawere and Dr. Daniel Shumba has exposed how ZANU PF system of patronage when it comes to business people works.

This was exposed by Norton member of parliament Temba Mliswa when he explained how ZANU PF had assisted Mawere, Masiyiwa and Shumba to get access to licenses to run their businesses.

Mliswa's revelations comes after Mawere and Shumba posted a conversation on Youtube  explaining how Masiyiwa got Econet Wireless and how he has been funding politicians in Zimbabwe to advance his interest.

We publish Mliswa's full statement below:

I must clarify certain things. The  two Mawere and Daniel are known to me. Daniel is a Shumba so I consider him to be my brother. Mawere is also well known to me and every time I visited South Africa, I would pay him a courtesy call in my personal capacity or wearing the YARD hat.
Daniel has a good and generous heart but Daniel became bitter as he was a victim of Tsholotsho.

Daniel is a team Lacoste pedigree as we worked well together in 2004 in supporting the now President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Unfortunately Mukoma Daniel became bitter when he was expelled from ZANU PF as he was of the view that Mnangagwa had not given him the necessary support. This is when the war between Mukoma Daniel and Mnangagwa started. At the onset he asked that I relay that message to Mnangagwa of his hurt.

ZANU PF at the time started targeting his businesses and this is the time that his TeleAccess license was withdrawn. It is true that his businesses suffered a political onslaught. He went on to form his own party but failed and then he joined ZANU PF.

He was made a Politiburo Member in ZANU PF but under G40. In Parliament he was a member of the Standing Rules and Orders Committee, the leader of the ACP delegations and Chairman of the Mines and Energy Committee. He was also set to become the Karanga Vice President for Grace Mugabe under G40.

I narrate this to give you these detailed facts in order for you to understand the background to the Daniel saga.

Mawere is equally bitter because he lost his businesses after he was hugely deservedly supported by Mnangagwa. It's undoubted that Mawere has a brilliant mind but he led himself astray by then delving into succession political issues which were not in his purview.

He supported the Mujuru faction lead by the late General Solomon Mujuru and openly wanted to dictate who should lead the country politically. That was a fatal error. He would go and see Mugabe and lie about Mnangagwa. Mugabe being Mugabe would equally tell Mnangagwa about Mawere's views.

Mugabe then appointed Patrick Chinamasa, a hardliner, to deal with the Shabanie Mahaba Mines  issues. Not that I agree with the way this was handled but the context advises the current position of Mawere who now seeks to blame Mnangagwa for his woes and not Mugabe who was key then.

A Commission was set up which also comprised of Dr Philip Chiyangwa. The Commission was set up to investigate illicit business transactions but instead became personalised and began targeting businessmen such as Nigel Chanakira, Shingai Mutasa and others.

Mawere saw these successful business people as a threat and targeted them with a view to annihilate any perceived competition in the country. As the blue eyed boys of the Party, they had every opportunity to advance their business interests as they were given the opportunity.

However, due to his political interference, he soon lost political favour. Mugabe's administration became very aware of Mawere's double playing and so began a systemic attack and subsequent demise of his businesses.

Mawere and Mukoma Daniel have historically been key in the demise of fellow black businessmen. This is what I am disturbed and concerned with. Surely as a nation we cannot standby quietly and allow the demise yet again of Zimbabwe's successful business flagships.

Business people such as Strive Masiyiwa are not supposed to come under fire due to some other failed business persons bitter and twisted lies. The fight is clearly personalised and about those perceived to be pro current dispensation.

Further to the attacks on business people through the failed Commission, it seems Strive is now a target. Who is next? It's imperative that such malice is curbed. Both Daniel and Mawere have access to Mnangagwa. It's important that they dialogue with him and resolve their issues.

Mnangagwa  is open for business, the two should be open for dialogue with him. One thing that's for sure is that Mnangagwa will not respond - just as he remained quiet under the G40 attack, he will too in this instance.

I hold no brief but I am of the view that it's imperative that we support each other in business as Zimbabweans and rebuild our country instead of fighting and soiling each other. The PHD syndrome must be eradicated.

The late Joshua Nkomo was openly supportive of Strive. Are we now saying he was wrong? Mutumwa was supported by the late VP Muzenda and given SMM controversially but the intent was to empower black businessmen. In the same vein Daniel Shumba was given TeleAccess

Many were unhappy with the awards and indiscreet favours but they have not attempted to destroy Mawere and Shumba.

Some Twars are better resolved in discussions as they may have far reaching unnecessary consequences. Some of us are used to being attacked, we have thick skins but it's unfair to engage in Twars that destroy and not build. 2019 beckons, let's get into it united.

I look forward to seeing Mnangagwa empower our generation of business people like Shumba, Strive and Mawere were empowered. Imagine being given one of those deals and these guys being our mentors?

But the people who are empowered must steer clear of politics. They must be like my sekuru Kasukuwere who left business for politics and is now dealing with the repercussions without blaming anyone. Vaidawo chinhu but vakatorerwa chinhu as he openly admits.

Source - Byo24News