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ZANU PF Youth league fight in Mutodi's corner

by Mandla Ndlovu
31 Dec 2018 at 19:28hrs | Views
ZANU PF Youth League in Chaminuka district have launched a campaign to support under fire Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services after revelations that he is being fought by Minister Monica Mutsvangwa and permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana.

Mutodi confirmed on Twitter that Mutsvangwa and Mangwana have engaged in a spirited fight  to see him  thrown out of the Deputy ministerial position in a cabinet reshuffle that is coming in mid January.

The chairperson of ZANU PF Chamainuka district Eliard Mhangami said, "Hands off Mutodi campaign has been launched by young people who feel that an attack on Energy Mutodi is an attack on young people who are co-custodians of the legacy of ZANU PF with War Veterans who are stockholders to the revolution and founding ethos of ZANU PF."

Mhagami further said as young people there in support of war veterans including Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa but they urge them to embrace young people instead of fighting them.
"We stand with all war veterans including Cde. Chris Mutsvangwa and we respect all our veterans and we urge them to embrace the youth who are co-custodians of the revolution.

"Cde.  Mutodi might be a hardliner but mwana we musangano whose heart and mind are in the right place. Cde Chris Mutsvangwa and Cde Monica Mutsvangwa must embrace the youth and not fight them. As we enter into a new year we hope that the Ministry of Information will work as a single unit and pull together for a better Zimbabwe."

Minister Mutodi was recently accused of assaulting his driver, a charge which he refused bu apportioned the blame to Monica Mutsvangwa whome he accuses of fighting him.

Said Mutodi, "Minister Monica Mutsvangwa is working with a rogue driver who is claiming to have been assaulted by me. She wants me fired from the Information Ministry and replaced by her loyalist. She has captured the state media and Alpha Media Holdings newspapers. It is game on."

Source - Byo24News