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'Trevor Ncube supported killers' says Jonathan Moyo

by Mandla Ndlovu
03 Jan 2019 at 20:58hrs | Views
Exiled former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo  has came out guns blazing at Alpha Media Holdings owner Trevor Ncube accussing him of supporting President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom he accused of being a killer

"Trevor has always supported ZanuPF killers like Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa's cronies Oliver Chidhawu and  Douglas Munetsi secured Trevor's interests in the private media through ABC Bank, as it then was. For all you know, Mnangagwa might be a hidden shareholder in Trevor's media house."

Moyo was responding to Ncube who had earlier called him Robert Mugabe's stooge. The whole fiasco started when Trevor Ncube said he supports Strive masiyiwa who had accused Human Rights Watch Director Dewa Mavhinga of bullying his wife.

"Dear Chief Native Villager Ali Naka Please stop touching me on my studio about this Chap Jonathan Moyo. Robert Mugabe's chief stooge who is now a poster child for some Zimbabwe "democrats". My New Year's Resolution is to be nice to everybody. Stop It. Thank you." Ncube had wrote on Twitter.

Moyo further said Ncube has skeletons in his cupboard yet he parades himself like a democrat.

"He's a total fake. His cupboard is full of gory skeletons but he goes around town strutting like a peacock. He plays holy and self-righteous, invoking Jesus Christ with his fellow juntapreneurs who, like him, are neck deep in debt."

Moyo finished his frenzied tweet by saying there is nothing good to be said about President Mnangagwa because if you oppose him he sanctions your death.

"There's absolutely nothing good to be said about a gukurahundist like him, who believes that if you oppose him; your neck should be separated from your shoulders."

Moyo is a survivor of an attempted assassination by the military forces during a bloody coup that ended 37 years of Robert Mugabe's ruthless rule.

Source - Byo24News