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Child support lands pastor in dock

by Staff reporter
04 Jan 2019 at 09:07hrs | Views
A MAN of the cloth and founder of Living Sanctuary Ministries has been dragged to the Maintenance Court by his ex-wife for the upkeep of their child.

Thandekile Nsingo was claiming an upward variation from $105 to $295 for their child saying the cost of living had become expensive and she was now unemployed.

In an interview with B-Metro Thandekile said she was now living alone and needed money to pay rent and school fees for her child.

"I used to live at my uncle's place. I have since moved out and I need money for rent as well as school fees for the child. He owns a church and yet he doesn't want to support his own child,'' said Thandekile.

"The cost of living has since become expensive, l wonder how he wants me to raise this child without money," she added.

Khumbulani, however, told the court he was currently unemployed and could not offer her anything more as he was living off church donations.

"I can't offer more money because I'm currently unemployed and I have no other means of getting money. The money l get from church is the one I've been giving her," he said.

In response Thandekile shot back saying Nsingo was not being truthful because he had other means of getting money besides the church that he owns.

''He is a liar, he has some shady deals aside which bring him a lot of money,'' said Thandekile.

Nsingo told the court he would start working this month and be able to take care of his child.

"I will start working in January, I might be able to give her more money for the child's upkeep and besides I tried negotiating with her to let me live with the child in order to cut transport costs but she refused,'' said Khumbulani.

"She told me she can provide the child with transport money, then why is she now including that money in court?" he asked.

Khumbulani has since been asked to continue paying the $105 he had been paying and when he starts working, Thandekile can then apply for an upward variation of the money.

Source - bmetro