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Schools open on Tuesday

by Staff reporter
04 Jan 2019 at 09:20hrs | Views
ON Tuesday schools across the country are opening and it's a new day for Grade Ones, Form Ones and ECD pupils as they start their journey of education at different stages of their lives.

For many parents it's the inheritance that they can give to their children which they believe guarantees their future. That is why many parents will struggle and sacrifice to buy whatever is needed by schools to help their children complete their studies.

This is the time that parents are rushing to buy school uniforms, school trunks and stationery so that their children have all they need before schools open.

The parents want to meet their part of the bargain before surrendering their children to teachers whose duty is to impart knowledge. Teachers have in the past been accused of moving slowly in order to have extra lessons during holidays that are paid for.

It is hard for parents to fork out more money in this harsh economic environment as in most cases, their little income is just enough to pay for their children just to attend school.

They should remember that most parents do not have one child attending school but an average of two or three. Their costs, at the beginning of the term are often up to three times more than what they pay for term two and three. But for the pupils to be successful in their studies and life they should not be taught just to learn to pass but they should also be taught life skills.

They should be ready for life and use their education to navigate the perilous planes of life that more and more relies on education and innovation. Being innovative is the only thing that can get any child ahead and successful in life.

The question that many people ask themselves is why they learnt subjects such as Maths which had quadratic equations, sets and trigonometry during the O-Level.

Application of these subjects in real life situations is the challenge that teachers should be tackling for these coming years. And these teachers should be up to date with technology and the latest methods of teaching. They should show innovation in the way they teach their pupils.

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