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ZANU PF Youths blast Jonathan Moyo

by Mandla Ndlovu
08 Jan 2019 at 07:24hrs | Views
ZANU PF Youth league members have blasted former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo for his twitter thread posted on Monday where he was accusing billionaire Telecoms guru Strive Masiyiwa for funding the bloody 2018 run-off elections.

The Deputy Secretary General of the ZANU PF Youth League Mabutho moyo said, "The thread is just a string of manufactured 'truth' by a bitter rape suspect on his final trial days, judgment is coming your way Prof and soon.

Mabutho further told Prof that he is full of anger because he lost in the political game.

"This is the most useless thread ever; it drips of mucus enforced by anger, anxiety and effects of tweeting from a shithole. Get used to the fact that you have lost all relevance in the Zimbabwean political field, keep barking to the dark.

"You lost a political game and you are struggling in the wilderness. Not everyone is a fool to listen to anything coming from a pathological liar like Jonathan Moyo."

Another ZANU PF Youth Leader Munashe Mtutsa said, "Imagine coming home to read a 24 tweet thread by one Msorobhangu Professor Jonathan Moyo. Thinking I will be reading great wisdom from the nutty professor. But again, it was a damp squib, a lot about nothing, much and much about less and wasted Kenyan bundles. You are bitter mara."

Prof Moyo on Tuesday maintained that the US$ 45 million that was given to ZANU PF in 2008 by Masiyiwa was an illegal act that can get the players prosecuted.

"It was a deal whose terms were unlawful & whose objective was to fund the elections outside Treasury. It's a stinking story that would send people to jail; in a normal country under the rule of law with no selective prosecution amounting to persecution of political opponents." Moyo said

Source - Byo24News