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Energy Mutodi invites Jonathan Moyo to fight sanctions

by Mandla Ndlovu
09 Jan 2019 at 07:41hrs | Views
Deputy minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Energy Mutodi has called upon exiled former minister Professor Jonathan Moyo to add his voice in the fight against sanctions.

Mutodi was commenting on the current raging debate where Zimbabweans are accusing Telecom guru Strive Masiyiwa of calling for the removal of sanctions.  

"There is nothing wrong with Strive Masiyiwa supporting President Mnangagwa in the fight against sanctions." Mutodi explained. "Zimbabweans must know when to fight and when to unite. We need everyone's voice in the fight against sanctions including the opposition Professor Jonathan Moyo."

Masiyiwa's call for the removal of sanctions torched the hornets' nest causing a fight between him on one side and Human Rights activist like Dewa Mavhinga and Pedzisai Ruhanya on the other.

This is not the first time that Mutodi and Moyo's relationship seem to be warming up on social media.

Recently Mutodi  complained that his Boss Monica Mutsvangwa and Permanent Secretary  Nick Mangwana had planted a story in the media that Mutodi is charging government $500 a day for the us of his car.

Prof. Moyo responded , "Their unstated but real beef that leaves them green with envy is that your own car is better than your minister's car."

During the height of the G40-Lacoste succession fight Mutodi is known as having said the G40 had taken control of Zanu PF and anyone who dares to criticize it faces the boot no matter how constructive the criticism can be.

"These developments have now exposed ZANU PF as a suppressive regime and a dictatorship that is there only to serve a few and does not accept new ideas and neither does it tolerate dissent," he said then.

"It will therefore go into the books of history that Zimbabweans were not liberated in 1980 but rather were transferred from a white minority oppressive regime led by Smith to a dictatorship, authoritarian and corrupt black leadership that has not only destroyed the economy but has also dampened the people's hopes for freedom of expression, economic revival, infrastructure development and poverty eradication."

Source - Byo24News