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'ZANU PF must create its own bank'

by Mandla Ndlovu
09 Jan 2019 at 11:32hrs | Views
Dreaded ZANU PF activist Fidelis Fengu has called upon ZANU PF to create its own bank if it is to advance the growth and development agenda.

Said Fengu, "ZANU PF must create, operate and manage its own bank.The party cannot entrust the private sector with the growth and development agenda without leading from the front."

Fengu said the party has enough assets and resources to start such an initiative.

"The party has enough assets, resources and leverage to create and run a bank that is able to influence the pace of development in this country.

"The youth league and women's league should not rely on government funded entities. Agribank is also not capable of funding farmers alone.

"The party must set up it's own bank that will be pro people, pro poor and have facilities that benefit the unbanked, micro Enterprises and the informal economy at large."

Fengu further said party members should contribute towards the formation of the bank especially using their skills.

"Party members can contribute towards the formation of this bank. We have brilliant minds such as Terence Mukupe and many other skilled financial minds who can actually make a ZANU PF bank work and influence the pace of development.

I say it might sound silly but
- if banks won't recognize offer letters then who will?
- banks won't fund ZANU PF youths and women groups then who will?
- If banks won't reach out to the unbanked then who will?
-If banks won't reach out to people in the most remote parts of the country then who will?

ZANU PF needs to lead the economic revolution from the front and I say let's explore a party owned bank."

Source - Byo24News