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'Zimbabwe has enough USD to pay civil servants'

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Jan 2019 at 14:28hrs | Views
The government has enough foreign currency to pay civil servants in United States Dollars, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has said.

In a statement released by Party Spokesperson Jacob Mafume MDC said, "Mthuli Ncube has effectively dollarised government's revenue collection. He devalued people's deposits by separating FCA NOSTRO from RTGS making a clear demarcation of local and forex."

Mafume said the government has introduced tax in foreign currency meaning it is collecting foreign currency daily.

"The government has also introduced several taxes in foreign currency including duty on cars and that companies must remit taxes in the currency of sale.

"Considering most companies are providing services or selling goods in US dollars it effectively means government has enough leg room to fund the social agenda and pay civil servants in US Dollars.

"Government also controls exports, withholding the forex earned while giving exporters some insulting percentage."

Mafume urged government to heed to the demands of civil servants and pay them salaries in foreign currency.

"Mthuli Ncube must do the honourable thing and hear the demands of civil servants and ensure schools function and doctors return to work. Government must stop using forex to finance lifestyles for elites."

Doctors have been engaged in a 40 day industrial action that ended on Thursday. They were demanding to be paid in US Dollars.

On Monday the Apex Concil which is a body representing all civil wrote to the Civil Service Commission informing them that the workers will be engaging in a nationwide industrial action in the next 14 days.

The government responded by rescheduling civil servants January salaries to the 14 and 16 of January. A move has been translated as a way to pacify civil servants.

However members of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers of Zimbabwe are camped in the office of Mthuli Ncube since January 7 and are saying they will not leave until their salaries are paid in US Dollars.

Source - Byo24News