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Man loses rural home to ex

by Staff reporter
11 Jan 2019 at 18:58hrs | Views
A Harare man says he has lost access his rural home in Murewa to his ex-wife after he found out her "adulterous affair".

David Chikaunga is at odds with his ex-wife, Memory Shunje, whom he alleges is using her connections to take over his family's homestead.

Shunje is a police assistant inspector stationed at Moris Depot's camp clinic and recently obtained a peace order against Chikaunga's nephew, Loveness Ferenando.

Contacted for comment, Shunje accused Chikaunga of being fooled by his sisters.

"He is being influenced by his sisters, I have nothing against him and he is the one who hasn't been coming home to me.

"I actually love my husband and refer to him so because I am still his wife.

"He has other girlfriends and the peace order only affects his nephew and not him or his other relatives so he should stop believing so," she said.

Asked whether she was using her influence to her benefit Shunje insulted H-Metro.

"Mutori duz*i chairo" she said.

Chikaunga told H-Metro that he inherited the land in question and even buried both his parents at the Murewa homestead where his ex-wife has taken over.

He said all his relatives have also been given warnings never to set foot at the homestead.

"I am failing to access a rural home that everyone in my family grew up knowing belonged to the family but now an outsider and a mere in-law has claimed the territory because she works in the police force.

"All my relatives have been banned setting foot there even my nephew who was looking after the homestead had a peace order taken against him.

"She is refusing to let go and now resorts to using her influence in the police force to do these injustices and everywhere I tried to report the matter the police favour her," he claimed.

Chikaunga who is a plumber by profession said his ex-wife once ordered his arrest after he tried to let his nephew work on a piece of land.

"After she got the peace order, I was subject to several arrests and intimidation from several policemen and was even detained in Murewa for two days.

"When she forced my nephew's eviction she had teamed up with police from Murewa and Machipisa.

"She seems to be influencing every outcome, I have tried reporting at the matter at Mbare police, Southlea Park, Waterfalls and Machipisa but the police are not acting on my complaints," he alleged.

He said his problems with Shunje began when he found out her adulterous affair with a co-worker.

He said he has also taken the matter to Chief Murewa where they are expected to appear this coming week.

"Yes we have received a report from Chikaunga, these two are going through a divorce and her wife is police woman.

"The matter will be tried on January 18 in the land of Chief Mangwende by Zihute that's when more details will follow," said Sabhuku Frank Mavhurume.

Source - hmetro