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The Mash West servant principal Mliswa-Chikoka meets Kariba heads of public institutions

by MuHwisiry Chaiyeiye
12 Jan 2019 at 14:54hrs | Views
Kariba witnessed the coming of the Provincial State Minister on Friday where she met heads of public institutions, local authorities and other stakeholders for what she termed sincere, straightforward and open discussions aimed at encouraging development and enhanced service delivery from public institutions and local authorities.

Mash West State Minister who is also Member of Parliament for Hurungwe West Cde Mary Mliswa-Chikoka was accompanied by former Kariba District Administrator Mr Amigu Mhlanga who was facilitating discussions flanked by the Kariba Mayor Mr George Masendu spoke at length regards a number of important things in the Admin district of Kariba which comprised of Municipality of Kariba and Nyaminyami Rural district council.

The resident Minister didn't have any kind words for heads of institutions who blubber of scantiness of resources time and again as it was a national issue where no one has adequate. Heads were challenged to make sure they have an open door policy so that they are well informed about the happenings and syndicates around their work places, monitor juniors at work especially those who fritter most of their time on social media like facebook and whatsapp during working time, work together and share notes monthly with other departments, eschew bullying behaviour along political affiliation and to put suggestions boxes at their respective places.

The Minister highlighted lack of engagement in Kariba questioning why the white community around who have invested so much in tourism and fishing were not contributing towards the development of Kariba which should be the envy of everyone. Councils were reminded that waiting for government to provide enough resources might be a farfetched dream hence the need to put heads together, develop same vision and implement developmental and income generation projects to raise funds that can sustain them.

Mliswa-Chikoka was at pains as she chronicles how Kariba has hastily became a banshee which needs urgent attention so as to bring it back to its grandeur. On tourism she challenged the heads to contribute by introducing more and new-fangled activities even by way of copying from other areas like Vic-Falls. Heads of institutions were also given an opportunity to present reports with the Municipality of Kariba leading the pack. The Minister also pleaded with National Parks to give dialogue a chance regards the matter where they have taken Municipality of Kariba to court over the Kasese land. Municipality of Kariba was also encouraged to apologise where they would have acted improperly as a way of fostering good relations.

A Patsaka-Nyaminyami CR Correspondent.

Source - MuHwisiry Chaiyeiye