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Kirsty Coventry has not resigned from ministry

by Mandla Ndlovu
17 Jan 2019 at 13:57hrs | Views
The Minister of Youth, Arts and Sports Kirty Coventry has not resigned from the ministry as alleged by social media on Thursday, government deputy spokesperson Energy Mutodi has revealed.

On Thursday social media users circulated a message saying: Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe Sports Minister and Multi Olympic Gold ,Silver and Bronze Swimming Medalist has resigned from her role as Sports Minister with immediate effect. She said in her statement she cant work with such a brutal government which has killed innocent civilians over her short period as Minister. "I dont want blood on my hands and earn blood money"she said.

However the Deputy minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi said, "The Honorable Minister of Youths, Arts and Sports and famous Olympian Champion Kirsty Coventry has not resigned from the government of President Mnangagwa. Social media news on her resignation are false."

The rumour of Coventry's resignation started when she edited her Twitter bio removing the description minister of Youth and called it her personal page.

The award winning swimming sensation is one of the few ministers the President Emmerson Mnangagwa poached outside ZANU PF to come and offer expertise as technocrats in his government.

Coventry is reported to be currently in Switzerland where she is attending an International Olympics Committee event.

Source - Byo24News