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Bishop Mutendi hails Zanu-PF legislators

by Staff reporter
20 Jan 2019 at 09:24hrs | Views
THE leader of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi has praised the decision by Zanu-PF legislators to forego luxury vehicles opting that the funds be channelled towards development.

In an interview at his Defe Dopota shrine in Gokwe on Tuesday during a familiarisation tour by Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima and senior provincial Government officials, Bishop Mutendi said the decision by the legislators showed maturity and that they had the people's interests at heart.

"The decision by the MPs shows a selfless Government that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is leading. It shows that the Government is thriving to put to good use the little available resources and not plunder them," said Bishop Mutendi.

Zanu-PF MPs announced that they were forgoing vehicles that they were supposed to be allocated to carry out their parliamentary duties so that the money could be channelled towards other developmental projects.

Bishop Mutendi also praised President Mnangagwa for putting in place measures to curb corruption within Government.

"I am really happy that the President is doing his best to fight corruption within Government. He should be praised for that for there is nowhere we can go with corruption. But I am glad that since taking over, he has been fighting hard to end the scourge as witnessed by high profile arrests," he said.

He said it is now up to the rest of the citizenry to work hard and support the Government's cause.

"Even the Bible in Genesis talks about the people working hard as they were given power above all animals and plants. People should stop the blame game blaming Government for every problem instead of working hard and feed your family," he said.

ZCC has embarked on a number of projects in Gokwe community including construction of dams, schools and health facilities.

The church has also embarked on a successful Boer goats and cattle rearing, fishery and orchard with the aim of exporting them and earning the much needed foreign currency.

"All these projects are examples of what we should be doing as a nation, we should work hard and export our goods and earn the forex that is so much needed in the country," he said.

Bishop Mutendi also urged the church to continue praying for President Mnangagwa and the economy saying, the country would be heading nowhere without God.

In his speech, Minister Mavima pledged full Government support for the church's projects saying they were in tandem with the Government's vision 2030.

"We are, as Government in full support of the projects that the church is undertaking as they are benefiting not only the community but the nation at large. We therefore pledge our full support as Government and in case of anything needed, do not hesitate to knock on our doors," said Minister Mavima.

He said the church does not play a role in only spiritual leadership but also has a big role to play economically and developmentally.

"The development that is being carried out by the church also goes a long way to increase our provincial GDP. This goes on to show the important role played by the church in economic development. As Government, we want to hail the partnership between the church and Government, and the engagement of community in all the projects that the church embark on," said Minister Mavima

Source - zimpapers