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Zimbabwe Regime change agenda exposed

by Staff reporter
22 Jan 2019 at 08:06hrs | Views
Growing calls by civic groups for international involvement in the country's affairs following last week's violent demonstrations have exposed the organisers' true intentions — pushing their old regime agenda under the guise of protesting rising fuel prices.

The MDC-Alliance, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition organised last week's demonstrations that were characterised by looting, destruction of property and loss of life.

Analysts who spoke to The Herald yesterday said a letter being circulated soliciting for the British intervention in the country's domestic affairs exposed the organisers' motives which had nothing to do with ordinary people and the cost of living.

In the letter seen by The Herald, the authors make a number of claims against Government's response to last week's demonstrations while understating the destruction caused by the hooligans who participated in the mayhem.

The opposition activists also invite British parliamentarians to raise the so-called "issue of Zimbabwe" in their parliament and to speak against the country's bid to be readmitted into the Commonwealth.

The activists also urge the British government not to give bilateral aid to Zimbabwe through Government channels, but civic and so-called community organisations. Mr Gabriel Chaibva said people calling for foreign interventions were against Zimbabwe's interests.

"It is given that they are proxies of foreign governments and are doing their bidding. What they are simply doing is calling out to their masters because they are willing tools in the fight involving those Western powers who want to reverse the gains of our independence.

"These are the same people who called for the imposition of sanctions on the country," said Mr Chaibva.

Mr Goodwine Mureriwa said the motives of the organisers of last week's events were becoming clearer.

"Their intentions are becoming much clearer now because all along they were doing it covertly (regime change machinations) but they are coming out in the open now.

"It is clear that their intentions have nothing to do with the rise in fuel prices or other issues they have been previously stating but are pursuing their regime change agenda.

"These are the same challenges the country has been facing for the past 20 years of foreign interference. It is incumbent on Zimbabweans to reflect on the ideals of the liberation struggle and how we can develop the country in light of the threats we are facing," said Mr Mureriwa.

A University of Zimbabwe lecturer, who declined to be named, said it was becoming clearer that ordinary citizens had been used by civic groups.

"The so-called NGOs have been pursuing a regime agenda and their utterances since last week have been towards the creation of a Government of National Unity which they think will ultimately lead to regime change," the lecturer said.

"The organised looting and vandalism that occurred last week were meant to attract international attention and drive their quest for foreign interventions.

"You can see that from the announcement of the elections results by the same elements that have been calling for the maintenance of sanctions on Zimbabwe in the past 20 years. So while ordinary citizens may have genuine concerns these are now being taken advantage of by the regime change elements."

Source - the ehrald