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130 000 flee army killings to South Africa

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Jan 2019 at 17:36hrs | Views
South Africa's opposition party  Democratic Alliance (DA) has alleged that more than 130 000 Zimbabweans crossed the Beitbribge in a single day fleeing from the nationwide army and police crackdown on suspected violent protestors that participated in the January 14 mass Stayaway.

"The already compromised immigration system at Beitbridge is crumbling under the pressure of thousands Zimbabweans who are seeking refuge as they are running away from what has become a nightmare in their country." DA said in a statement.

"People have died. Bystanders have been shot senselessly, homes have been raided and the entire country is on lockdown. According to the border officials, there was a single day in January when over 130 000 people crossed the border to South Africa."

DA's Spokesperson on Immigration, Jacques Julius on Wednesday conducted an oversight inspection at the Beitbridge border post between South Africa and  Zimbabwe to assess conditions following unrest and violence in the  country.

"The crisis in Zimbabwe will no doubt worsened what is already a broken South African immigration system which is failing to offer efficient and effective immigration services." Julius said.

"During the oversight, it was clear that President Cyril Ramaphosa's assertion that all is well in Zimbabwe and that economic sanctions should be lifted is not only untrue but also deeply irresponsible."

Julius said he interviewed Zimbabweans at the border who told him the situation is bad in the country and they are crossing to South Africa looking  for opportunities.

Watch Julius giving the narration below:

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Source - Byo24News