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'USA sponsored violent protests in Zimbabwe'

by Simbarashe Sithole
25 Jan 2019 at 06:20hrs | Views
Former Minister of state for Mashonaland Central province advocate Martin Dinha has sensationally claimed that the protests which were witnessed in Mvurwi and Guruve were an MDC project funded by United States of America and some Non-Governmental organisations meant to over throw the government.

Dinha said the Mnangagwa regime will not allow MDC in trying to call for regime change through sanctions and violent funded protests.

"The arrested MDC protestors who were denied bail by Bindura and Guruve magistrates respectively should not be treated softly in the province because their party called for sanctions and are pursuing regime change with America and NGOs so we cannot just watch as they cause commotion," Dinha said.

"The MDC is very violent l am sure you can see with the arrested Members of Parliament who were fueling the protests they are in hot soup, even the Crisis Coalition of Zimbabwe also blamed them those wanted by the police are advised to surrender."

Apparently, twelve MDC protestors in Mashonaland Central were arrested following the violent protests that rocked the nation last week over fuel price hikes, 11 are from Mvurwi while one is from Guruve,  all remanded in custody to tomorrow, 49 more Mvurwi protestors are still at large.

However, MDC provincial chairperson for Mash- Central George Gwarada dismissed Dinha's claims saying the arrests area desperate measure by a clueless government.

"These claims that the protests are funded are malicious besides the protests were not even called by MDC instead it was the (ZCTU) so arresting our supporters for their constitutional right to protest and further more deny them bail is just a desperate measure by a clueless government to solve the economic crises," Gwarada said.

Source - Byo24News