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Mtukudzi cheated with Stella Chiweshe's daughter?

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 Jan 2019 at 14:58hrs | Views
The late veteran musician Oliver Mtukudzi is alleged to have been  engaged in an adulterous relationship with Mbira maestro Stella Chiwesha's daughter Virginia.

This was revealed by journalist Brighton Musonza in his eulogy to the late Tuku as he was affectionately known.

"Okay; maybe time to say zvangu a secret because wafanaka; Tuku was also "seeing" Stella Chiweshe's daughter Virginia." Musonza revealed.

Musonza also spoke about how Tuku assisted him when he was on his way to Germany fleeing the country which was politically and economically collapsing.

Read the full tribute below:

My story with Tuku is personal. When I left Zimbabwe two decades ago heading for Germany; for a journey that has since given me Europe as my residence; I traveled with Tuku in the same plane.

We got at Oliver Tambo Airport together at 13:30 pm and our connecting SAA flight was 20:00 pm. And herein my ordeal started; South African airport and South African Airways officials didn't seem to understand how an ordinary geezer like me had a genuine Germany visa well tucked in the pages of that famous green passport. So the interrogation ensued - I mean all afternoon. If I say I did not shade a tear, I'd be lying. It was torture worse than waterboarding by any standards, because I saw what looked like the first huddle or an attempt to sabotage my Houdini escape from Zimbabwe whose economic and political problems were only just starting.

I was shafted from office to office and even the security guard followed me into the toilet and tried to blackmail me into handing him over a few quid so I could be allowed to go. They all asked me how much I had in my wallet; I showed them a few Zim Dollars and I told them everything else's was my private matter; I was not going to budge. Tuku clutching his guitar in its pouch and he was traveling with his manager the white lady Debbie Metcalfe and Piki; smelt something was wrong.

They intervened late afternoon and told those bloody buggers that we were traveling together - and that is how they backed off. At 20:00 pm I got into the ndege still with my heart thumping up until we took off. We traveled all night with Tuku checking on me each time he went for the ndege toilet; we connected our next ndege to Berlin from Frankfurt as a team.

For the 12 hours I was a band member now - well, only for that journey of course. We even got close when I told him I was from Musana in Mash Central; he is from Madziva and we both realised we come from the same neighbourhood. So when I was living in Berlin; I used go to Stella Chiweshe's pub where Tuku told me we could meet up and other Zimboz; kwayinzi kuJecha.

The pub had proper river sand floor and nights of Mbuya Chiweshe belting mbira music. Okay; maybe time to say zvangu a secrete because wafanaka; Tuku was also "seeing" Stella Chiweshe's daughter Virginia.

So my networking in Berlin grew fast and I settled very well and each time Tuku came into Germany we would have good time kuJecha. When I left Berlin for London; I lost Tuku connection because of the hustle and bustle in London; more so in the period of arrival.

 But in my heart Tuku took part to my Houdini escape. I have thanked Samanyanga the music legend and national icon before; today with time I have found time to offer my personal thanks to a brother and my band leader during my travel. I won't forget your timely intervention at Oliver Tambo Airport. And the good times kuJecha in Berlin. Go well Samanyanga! Till we meet again.

Source - Byo24News