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Jonathan Moyo's letter to Mnangagwa

by Mandla Ndlovu
28 Jan 2019 at 06:36hrs | Views
Dear Emmerson

This is the first of three Twitter Letters I intend to send to you this week. I had meant to send them last week but I refrained from doing so after your spokesperson, George Charamba distanced you from your Twitter account.

I believed Charamba, given your digital illiteracy, as per your 7 March 2018 confession, when you created Varakashi and unleashed them on the social media to rakasha (smear) your opponents. With poor content, I thought your account is run by your Varakashi.

While your Varakashi are faceless and nameless on these streets, they talk too much out there. It's now known your son, Emmerson Jr., runs your Twitter account, assisted by pitiful wannabes on sabbatical. Helpfully, Ministry  of Information  has confirmed you also have a hand.

After the Ministry  of Information   confirmation, I'm writing to you not as a faceless or nameless ghost, like your Varakashi, but as me: Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo; your former colleague in cabinet and politburo, whose neck you wanted separated from his shoulders on 15 Nov 2017.

But this Twitter Letter is not about your violent Army coup, whose casualties remain hidden. It's about this shocking  ITV video clip on rape atrocities committed by your Army under the cover of an illegal Internet shutdown; which you eerily say was "TACTICAL".
I'm showing you the above video to address your notorious tendency to deny everything. If this is truly your Twitter account, as confirmed by Ministry  of Information  , don't try to deny seeing the video. The ITN clip shows that magistrates courts are now Kangaroo courts.

Urged by Virginia Mabhiza who's very close to you, Chief Justice Malaba directed Deputy Chief Magistrate Elijah Makomo, through Walter Chikwnha, to direct ALL magistrates in the country to deny bail to persons accused of violence & looting during the shutdown!

As you know, I'm not a faceless or nameless troll using a CIO or MID ghost account on Twitter. I'm a real person; your former cabinet & politburo colleague. It's truth-telling time. You have corrupted and  collapsed due process in the magistrate courts. Shame.

Source - Byo24News