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'Mnangagwa is a fascist' Biti fumes

by Mandla Ndlovu
01 Feb 2019 at 13:50hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa is leading a fascist government that champions corruption, abuse of democracy and patronage, Movement for Democratic Change Deputy National Chairperson Tendai Biti has alleged.

"Since November 2017Mnanagwa has waged a vicious war against democracy human rights, political space has been closed, the media muzzled and the internet shut down .We have seen murders, rape, assaults ,mass trials and  the rise of an unrestrained securocracy. This has become a Fascist State." Tendai Biti fumed.

Biti says Mnangawa's government has engaged in financial ill discipline that has led to the ballooning of domestic debt.

"In the same period the regime has totally mismanaged the economy. Fiscal ill discipline has unleashed a huge budget deficit and domestic debt now exceeds external debt ." He says.  "Corruption is rampant and  the citizen has been punished with massive taxes ,levies and hyperinflation."

Biti further condemned the government for the alleged violent crackdown on civilians in the past weeks.

"It's one thing for a regime to be incompetent, corrupt , clueless and to be driven by aggrandizement patronage and arbitrage It is another to then wage a systematic war against citizens, a vicious war against an unarmed civilian population."

Members of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces and the Police have been accused of commiting crimes against humanity during the past two weeks.

The police and the military are in a joint operation to restore law and order after the January 14 violent protests.

Meanwhile the Federal Leader of South Africa's Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane is landing in the country next week to asses the situation.

Source - Byo24News