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Chamisa and Mutodi signed a peace deal?

by Mandla Ndlovu
12 Feb 2019 at 10:05hrs | Views
One of the untold stories that happened at the burial of the late National Hero Oliver Mtukudzi was the revelation by the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi that him and  MDC leader Neslon Chamisa had smoked a peace pipe.

When Mutodi posted the Tweet accompanied by a selfie of him and Nelson Chamisa, many people focused on the picture than the message.

Said Mutodi on the Tweet, "Today, at the funeral of Dr Tuku, MDC leader NC (Nelson Chamisa) told me his party will no longer support any more demos against government. Our people know not peaceful protests; instead they burn property and loot shops. Demos don't pay. So we agreed on quiet diplomacy, peaceful engagement. Icho!"

Most striking were the comments coming from the information department of MDC under the Tweet.

MDC National Spokesman Jacob Mafume said," Thank you for the I am the boss cup and happiness you showed in meeting the people's President. No  need to justify why you were so happy to the other boss ...wink wink."

One would have expected an outright dismissal of Mutodi's tweet if it was a lie.

Nelson Chamisa's Spokesperson Dr Nkululeko Sibanda commented also on the post saying," President Nelson Chamisa  went to the funeral to respect our international hero and to give him an appropriate send off. And that is what he experienced the people of Mash Central doing. He is humbled by the greatness of our people, who are standing tall in respect."

Mutodi's tweet came just a week after the country was rocked by violent protests that were followed a heavy military crackdown on citizens which left 17 people dead.

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