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Is Mnangagwa's Advisory Council Legal?

by Concerned Citizen
12 Feb 2019 at 10:46hrs | Views

Please, allow me to ask lawyers if it is legal for the president to appoint a second cabinet without wide consultations. It is obligatory for cabinet ministers to seek sound advice concerning each ministry then give proper advice to the president in turn otherwise the later may get conflicting information thus leading to taking wrong actions that may hurt the nation.

This means there was no need to appoint this council and in any case is it in the constitution to appoint an advisory council to be paid by tax payers? Can Zimbabwe afford this extra financial burden? I thought the finance minister wanted to adhere to stringent measures so what has changed?

I feel that this body must be disbanded forthwith to save money. I have a feeling that the president is trying to get as many influential people on his side as possible before the national dialogue and at the same time ensure that they will not enter dialogue as independent individuals but supporting the president or compromised. The nation should shoot this move down especially the parliamentarians.

Instead of having a second cabinet the president should buy vehicles for MPs to facilitate their serving constituencies. I hope the appointed members are going to decline the offer and opt to be included in the national dialogue as their independent contributions is crucial. Zimbabwe needs you to produce a lasting solution to our multifaceted problems.

Concerned Citizen.

Source - Concerned Citizen

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