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Linda Masarira takes America head on

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 Feb 2019 at 11:48hrs | Views
MDC-T  spokesperson Linda Masarira has accused the United States of America of being a globally bully and self appointed prefect.

Masarira accuses USA of looting American diamonds in Democratic Republic of Congo  and having a vendetta against Zimbabwe for supporting the DRC government against the American funded rebels.

Read the full statement below:

Who appointed America to police the world? Who polices America  and holds them to account for the human rights violations in America? They pretend to like "US" yet they are wolves in sheep's clothing, pretending to be democrats whilst amplifying their own agenda.
The ZIDERA thing is being viewed by the majority as targeted sanctions, yet in actual fact they are real sanctions, because it carries OFAC AND AGOA which are sanctions are for finances and travel bans respectively.

Conditions by USA that caused the introduction of sanctions in Zimbabwe and which Zimbabwe must oblige by as at the inception of the introduction of the evil sanctions are;

1) Restoration of the rule of law ( including respect of ownership and title to property, which is land)
2) Election or pre-election conditions
3) Commitment to equitable, legal and transparent land reform (consistent with agreements reached at the International Donors' Conference on Land Reform and Resettlement of 1998)
4) Fulfillment of agreement of ending war in DRC
5) Military and national police subordination to civilian government
Let us start with number 5, the reason why it was a condition that Zimbabwe should withdraw its troops in DRC was because America had some interests there she was funding the rebels because she wanted mineral resources in DRC including diamonds. With the assistance of Zimbabwe military, Kabila's military was very strong such that the rebels could not stand a chance.

 The reason why the Americans and their British counterparts wanted Zimbabwe to stick with the 1998 agreement on land reform was and still is to give back the whites our land they stole from us because they value land knowing that wealth is in the land. #ZIDERA

The only time I supported Mugabe was on his stubborn stance on land reform. We can not allow only 6000 minority whites to own 51% of land while more than 13 million natives own less that 49%. Mugabe was good that he amended the constitution that if colonies failed to compensate for the land they forcibly took from native Zimbabweans, the government would reclaim it without compensation. As evil as he was he managed to take the land and give it to native Zimbabweans which didn't go down well with the white supremacists.
Do you know in September 2018 America fined CBZ bank $3.8billion for doing a transaction on behalf of ZB bank, which is listed on sanctions list. What it means is, America wanted to sweep our entire fiscal budget such that we suffer more, i.e. OFAC (Office of Financial Assets Control)

 The reason why these white supremacists want to be given back their farms is that they know that underground wealth such as minerals are hidden underground in their farms. We should come out clear as a nation, as to what we want, what we support or not to support.
ZIDERA is causing so much suffering to the masses in Zimbabwe The land reform program should stand &be supported by government. It should benefit all Zimbabweans regardless of political party affiliation Efforts should be made to empower Zimbabweans to fully utilize our land.

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