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10 point plan to save Zimbabwe

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 Feb 2019 at 12:35hrs | Views
Founder of the Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions (COMALISO) Rejoice Ngwenya  says Zimbabwe needs to adopt liberal economics for it to be extricated from its current problems

Ngwenya is advocating for the cutting down of cabinet ministers and deputy ministers and the declaration of Zimbabwe as a HIGHLY Indebted Poor Country so as to access lines of credit.

Ngwenya says Zimbabwe must also prioritise rule of law and give title deeds to land owners.

Read below his ten point plan for the economic recovery of Zimbabwe.

1. Align all the laws to the new Constitution but remove ALL anti-democracy clauses and those that promote state monopoly. Such clauses like the death penalty, executive powers, land expropriation, commissions, limits on association and information.
2. Reduce the regular army, police and prison services to only 10% of what it is and put the rest on reserve status, transforming existing infrastructure into skills and business training centres.
3. Dissolve, sell or privatise ALL loss-making parastatals and allowing private players in that sector.
4. Entrench the independence of the Reserve Bank and judiciary by re-opening recruitment through Parliament so we evolve a more focused monetary policy and justice system.
5. Reduce the number of ministries to 10, with NO deputy ministers.
6. Retire ALL civil servants 50 years old and above and limit recruitment to critical areas like education and health.
7. Return ALL title deeds and shares to their original owners OR have current owners negotiate new transfer terms, including a private sector-driven agriculture policy.
8. Apply for HIPC status and gain debt forgiveness, at the same time restoring ties with all global economic, social, political organisations and reviewing ALL bilateral trade/loan agreements.
9. Arrest ALL public officials and businesspersons implicated in corruption or compel them to return all stolen funds.
10. Impose stiff tariffs on ALL goods that can be manufactured locally while banning imports of cars older than five years and exports of ALL commodities while pushing for transfer of technology to re-industrialise Zimbabwe.

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