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Rainbow Hotel Manager Innocent Kufa a pathetic liar

by Mbonisi Gumbo
13 Feb 2019 at 16:11hrs | Views
There has been an outcry by many Matabeleland activists and the general public over a story published by online publication called CITE which has since gone viral. Mr Innocent Kufa is alleged to have lamented the lack of qualified personnel to take up employment at the hotel, Kufa said of the 70 his company wanted only one was qualified among the dozens who sent their CVs yesterday.

I would like to vehemently deny the allegations, it is just a pathetic propaganda that probably Kufa was coached by the CIO, because when MRP Officials approached the Hotel management last Saturday after the arrest of our Cdes at the said hotel they were shocked to find the so-called president's office at Rainbow as part of management and were advised to bring our concerns in writing which we did through the party's acting Spokesperson Cde Njabulo Ngwenya.

The fact of the matter is that people didn't know that Rainbow is hiring anyone since the company didn't advertise anywhere for the vacancies, let alone the needed qualifications. What is true is that Rainbow Tourism Group had no plans whatsoever to employ the locals. They had already brought their own people from Mashonaland.

The purported recruitment exercise by the Hotel was an afterthought after MRP had exposed the management's nepotism and tribalism. It is therefore frivolous and vexatious for that Gukurahundist fool Innocent Kufa to claim that there are no qualified personnel for menial jobs like tiling, plumbing, building etc. How did he know that without notifying the public?

If more than 5 000 people mostly youths turned up for employment at Egodini, what will stop them from doing the same at Rainbow Hotel if they knew what exactly is needed? The only people who went to submit CVs were actually invited by MRP and or ordinary Bulawayo residents without proper information since the company wanted this to be a secret.

Therefore we demand that the company must start afresh, the company must openly publish both the available vacancies and tenders. They must publish in all mainstream media platforms and stop this nonsense.

Meanwhile, our people should also learn to stand up for themselves, and stop being cry babies you should know that all available economic opportunities in Bulawayo are yours. Stop complaining stand-up and grab all opportunities without hesitation. It's high time we take it upon ourselves to Implement Devolution of power it's Constitutional. Kufa and his handlers must stop testing our patience.

In fact we are aware that you are preparing for Zimbabwe International Trade Fair annual program, we will not allow you to open there if you don't do the right thing, in fact, we will embarrass both the government and yourselves in front of visitors if you don't comply with Chapter 14 of the Constitution.

Mbonisi Gumbo
MRP Member.

Source - Mbonisi Gumbo