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Joshua Nkomo was a dictator?

by Mandla Ndlovu
15 Feb 2019 at 12:35hrs | Views
The late Father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo may have been a rigid leader who did not agree with anyone disagreeing with his ideas, it has emerged.

A top leader of the Alliance for People's Agenda (APA) Lovemore Fuyane revealed the other side of Dr Nkomo while mourning his relative Dr Calistus Ndlovu who passed on this week.

Dr Ndlovu is known for his statement that the Zimbabwe African People's Union which was led by Joshua Nkomo was like a dead donkey and that anyone supporting it is like a person whistling in the graveyard.

Said Fuyane, "At the onset, I must declare my interests in this matter, Professor Callistus and my father were first cousins, in other words, their mothers were sisters, yes blood sisters, the same set of parents.

"So I have seen discussions both on here and other social media about his statement that ZAPU was a dead donkey in the early 80s. Although I joined many who were ZAPU aligned at being horrified by such a statement I would understand years later that there, in fact, was some context.

"Apparently our dear father Dr Joshua Nkomo a giant as he was, had his own faults, he too like us all was human. One of the main bones of contention between him and some of his younger lieutenants inside ZAPU was his continued reluctance to separate ZAPU the entity from self as far as assets were concerned. His style of leadership also left very little room for dissent and a richness of ideas."

Fuyane revealed that Dr Ndlovu was one of those who being human reached a breaking point and could not stomach Father Zimbabwe's leadership style.

"Yes we all thought even if there were issues Callistus should have closed rank as others did and continued fighting from within but hey he too was human with his own breaking point. So I think it's a question of letting him without blemish cast the first stone.

"As a family and outside politics we continued to hold him in high regard as a father and family patriarch. He knew we differed politically (particularly me) but when it came to the family it was just that, family. Lala ngoxolo Babomdala."

Source - Byo24News