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Christianity to be labelled mental illness

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Feb 2019 at 06:58hrs | Views
Founder of Imperial City Church Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi has prophesied that soon the world will outlaw freedom of worship and Christians will be labelled mentally ill, hunted down and arrested.

"A few years from now. You will search for Gods prophets and you will not find them. The voice of God will be rare in those days and wickedness will increase. A great drought will overtake the earth. Not a drought of food but of the word. In those days you will remember these days. Today you will despise my words. But it shall surely come to pass." Prophet Sovi said in a chilling prophecy issued via his Facebook page.

Sovi further said that in those days Bibles will be outlawed and drugs will be legalized. He said the era will take place when some people who are alive today are still living.

"Religion will be outlawed and Christianity will be labelled a mental illness. Bibles will be as illegal as drugs yet drugs in those days will be legal. The ones who remain true to HIM in those days will be hunted down and labelled criminals. In those days you will remember these words. It's not far from now. Some of you will witness it. So while it is still day. Remain true and despise not his word."

Prophet Sovi who is the spiritual son of Emeritus Eubert Angel leads a growing church that has a presence in Southern Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. He is credited for controversial miracles including resurrections and commanding demons to appear in physical form.

Source - Byo24News