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Chiwenga unable to speak and has not eaten for a week

by ZimLive
20 Feb 2019 at 16:06hrs | Views
An online newspaper which first broke the news that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga had been airlifted to India on a health emergency has reported that the ailing Chiwenga has been unable to eat or talk for the past week.

Quoting unnamed government sources, ZimLIVE has reported that: "Last week, ZimLive heard from government sources that Chiwenga was unable to speak as his health deteriorates.

The Vice President had not eaten for a week, the sources added.

"A week before being airlifted to India, Chiwenga visited a hospital in South Africa where he told doctors that his esophagus was "dry".

"He told doctors he was struggling to eat, which would account for his dramatic weight loss which was evident when he attended a Cabinet meeting on February 5 – his last public sighting.

"Chiwenga reportedly underwent esophageal manometry, an examination to test the strength and muscle coordination of one's esophagus when they swallow.

"It was detected that he was having motility problems, but not cancerous. He was advised to see an esophageal surgeon," a South African medical source said.

"If Chiwenga indeed has esophageal motility, which can lead to heartburn, that would suggest mounting health woes as it adds to the other health problems he and government officials have shared publicly.

Since the days of Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe Government has always maintained a tight grip on information regarding the health conditions of top officials.

Source - ZimLive