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Mugabe must apologise for Gukurahundi before masquerading as holier than though human rights defender

by Israel Dube
27 Feb 2019 at 07:42hrs | Views
Former President, Robert Mugabe must first recognise Matabeleland genocide, confess and apologise unconditionally before he masquerades as a holier than though defender for human rights.

Furthermore, for us to forgive and take him seriously he must publicly support Matabeleland restoration cause and MLO campaign to force the government of Zimbabwe to pay US$ 100 billion as compensation for Matabeleland genocide
 committed between 1980 and 1988, the loss of property, marginalisation, loss of dignity, trauma and dispersal across the globe as economic refugees. All being inhuman events that happened under his leadership.

In a statement made at his birthday bash held at the glittering Blue Roof, Mugabe attacked Mnangagwa for using the army to kill civilians.

But it is not the first time for Zimbabwe National Army to be released from the barracks to kill unarmed civilians. It came out in the 1980s to murder more than 100 000 Matabele civilians, rape more than 100 000 Matabele women, burn more than 100 000 homes and displace more than a million Matabeles. The case has since been classified as genocide and the soldiers were unleashed by him Mugabe, with a command to wipe out Matabeles out of the face of earth.

In 2002 and 2008 the army commanders under Chiwenga's leadership came out of the barracks to say they will never salute a civilian president without war credentials thereby meddling in political matters. Mugabe loved it because it suited him.

Enter 2017 the year of political drama in Zimbabwe, again the soldiers came out in their big numbers. This time released by his protégé, Chiwenga, to depose him through a coup, see who is crying more than victims of his 37 year  oppressive rule. Inja ingaqhoba ithambo iyajwayela angithi?

Now that the cruel dictator is being tormented by the monster that he created he now knows that the army should not meddle in political matters. He now knows that the army belongs to the barracks.

We know that Mugabe holds a special place in the hearts of majority shonas because during his many terms as President, he did not only kill Matabeles but also implement tribaly biased policies that promoted shonas over Matabeles. If there is any shona that died during his 37 year rule, it was purely by accident.

That is the reason why so many shona people are busy lying that "even though Mugabe was cruel he never sent the army to kill people". What hogwash! We ask again, are Matabeles not people? Yes we are not taken as human beings in Mashonaland the very reason why we want out of Zimbabwe.

One of them is none other than Chamisa who said, "we are also aware of the targeting of many leaders across the country, targeting of lawyers, doctors for human rights which is quite disturbing because even Mugabe at his worst was not this rabid. With Mugabe at his worst, we never saw attack and persecution on lawyers and human rights defenders". Where did Chamisa grow up? In Mashonaland of cause, where most of those who live in denial of Matabeleland genocide come from. In that part of the world Mugabe's only known sin is that of mismanaging the economy.

But the truth is Mugabe is a cold hearted genocidist in the league of Idi Amin Dada " the butcher" of Uganda, AL Bashir of Sudan and Kambanda of Rwanda just to name a few.

The new bunch of murderers hiding behind the so called "new dispensation" must not celebrate at all as this is not PR meant to  defend their blood letting tendencies.

There is no justification for sending the army to slaughter civilians in a country that supposedly got its independence 38 years ago. When you see a government turn its country into a war zone by shooting its own citizens you know that unelectable leaders have  stolen power and are using the gun to compensate for their unpopularity.

Zanupf changed the leader through a military coup but it remains the same blood thirsty beast that would charge at innocent masses and kill without mercy.

Its leaders are all political graduates of Robert Mugabe school of dirty politics that is associated with genocide, brutality , corruption, DNA of theft, tribal discrimination and failure to run the economy.

We remind them today that the people of Matabeleland are longer want to be called Zimbabweans. We are not Zimbabweans whatever the hell that is, we no longer want to be part of it.

The people of Matabeleland cannot, and will not stand the trauma brought unto them by the everyday blood spilling and human slaughter. With MLO leading Matabeles will march to their independence.

Finally there is glimmer of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube