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EFF calls for sanction removal in Zimbabwe

by Staff Reporter
01 Mar 2019 at 17:44hrs | Views
Following their inclusion into the Institutional Framework Committee (IFC) of the National Dialogue spearheaded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has underlined that everyone must consider discussing issues involving removal of illegal sanctions because "we believe it is not possible to attain economic freedom with sanctions in place".

The IFC is mandated with the structuring of the entire dialogue process.

"We are in a crucial and critical Committee and we are clear it's not about power sharing rather discuss national issues that will improve people's lives, as of us economic freedom is key to in bringing peace to our communities," said Innocent Ndibali, the ZEFF Commander-in-Chief.

"We want to discuss the institution of governance and encourage the government to see opposition as key in enforcing checks and balances. We want to discuss issues involving sanctions because we believe it is not possible to attain economic freedom with sanctions in place."

Ndibali further stated that they believe that Zimbabweans need to come together and solve the crisis faced by the country.

"We further understand and have a right of freedom of expression and given the situation we will mobilise together with other progressive fighters in the country to force the government to listen to the people."

He also took swipe at those pushing for presidential positions at the expense of the suffering masses.

"Nelson Chamisa and Joice Mujuru are not Zimbabwe or some mini Gods. Mujuru does not speak or act for the Rainbow Coalition because three out of five Coalition members are attending and Hon. Lucia Matibenga is our lead person. All those negotiating for a government where they will get positions must stop that, we must engage on governance and national issues that will improve the country's economy. Anyone in need for a presidential position must wait for 2023," he said.

Ndibali also said they are reminding president Mnangagwa to take twenty farms from Mugabe so that he remains with one farm.

"we are still in the policy of one family one farm.. ED must make Mugabe understand that he is no longer untouchable or the president and leave him with one farm. We need things to be done proper for a better Zimbabwe. We want the nationalisation of land."

EFF's five point proposal:

Government to declare an economic national disaster throughout the country. This will allow creation of urgent national plan to save the country.

Government to nationalise procurement of basic commodities in the short term – basic commodities like medical supplies, food supplies, fuel etc.

Government to freeze all foreign trips by government officials to save the much needed foreign currency.

Government to scrap off bond notes (fake money) and replace it with hard currency so that everyone in the country can be paid with real money.

Zimbabweans to discuss an urgent national plan to save the country

Meanwhile, Ndibali has urged Bulawayo citizens to vote for Polite Ncube on the 30th of March by-elections for Ward 28 Councillor.

"She is young, energetic and is willing to deliver. Give us a chance as EFF then we take it from there," he said.

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