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'I am ready to have my day in court' Jonathan Moyo says

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Mar 2019 at 07:28hrs | Views
Exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has revealed that he is ready to subject himself to an impartial court and reveal the reasons of leaving the country and how he left it.

Moyo was responding to an article that appeared on Sunday Mail saying government is making plans to extradite him and also to attach his property over alleged crimes of corruption.

"Bring it on. Extradition is a legal and not diplomatic process. It would be great to tell the world via an impartial court why and how I lawfully fled Zimbabwe."Prof. Moyo said.

"What jungle law will the junta use for the rendition or extradition of a legal refugee it calls a fugitive? There was no criminal or civil court process against me in Zimbabwe when I fled the coup.

"Junta sends lethally armed soldiers with explosives to attack home of a civilian "enemy". They didn't send police to arrest. They wanted to kill the civilian who ran away and became a refugee Now they want the refugee extradited."

Moyo warned Mnangagwa and his allies that one day the net will tighten on them over Gukurahundi and crimes against humanity.

"Meamnwhile, make no mistake about it, one day the noose will tighten on Gukurahundi murderers and looters who've weaponized corruption against their political opponents using false charges; and who've used the Army to hide their corruption & to raid, butcher, torture and rape citizens."

Source - Byo24News