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Mnangagwa divides Ndebele chiefs

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Mar 2019 at 10:53hrs | Views
Matabeleland chiefs secretary Nothiwani Dlodlo has reported that Chief Mtshane Khumalo has escalated his fight against Chief Vwezi Maduna of Filabusi and Chief Nhanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna by calling for their recall from the chieftainships.

Said Dlodlo, "Chief Mtshane Khumalo of Bubi district has officially written a letter to the minister of local government instructing him to recall chief Khayisa chieftainship. The Secretary has refused to sign and has asked the ministry to follow due process."

Dlodlo said the Minister of local government July Moyo is trying to fast track the process to get the two prominent Matabele chiefs ousted.

"The Minister of local government is trying to fast track it without due process. Chief Mtshane is working with 6 Chiefs from Matabeleland and 3 Ndebele Chiefs from Midlands to block Gukurahundi issue."
Chiefs Maduna and Ndiweni have been engaged in a spirited effort to get the United Nations to set up a committee that will investigate the Gukurahundi genocide that claimed around 20 000 people in Matabeleland and Midlands.

Their stance has not been received well by the government and ZANU PF officials. Recently Chief Maduna through his lawyers wrote to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission informing them that he has been receiving death threats.

"Chief Mtshane Khumalo is pressurizing Provincial chairman Chiefs Chiefs Council Matebeleland South Chief Masendu to write the letter to recall Chief Maduna chieftainship for taking president Mnangagwa to task over Gukurahundi genocide." Dlodlo further revealed.

Source - Byo24News