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WATCH: Groom slapping bride on wedding

by Staff reporter
10 Mar 2019 at 09:28hrs | Views
The video that surfaced a few weeks ago has been doing the rounds on social media.

This disturbing video shows just how even in moments of seeming joy, abuse is sometimes not too far behind or ever present.

According to, in a video that was shared on Youtube, even a "wedding tradition turned sinister... as the groom did the unthinkable."

In the video the groom can be seen feeding the bride a slice of cake as per the usual wedding cake share tradition. Happy days.

Until, once it's the bride's turn to feed the groom some cake, she playfully teases her husband with it and he quickly becomes annoyed and slaps her across the face.

And what is usually one of the most significant days in a young person's life, quickly turns into one that will be memorable for the worst reasons for the bride.

Watch the video below.

Social media users have been left outraged by the grooms repulsive behaviour and many of them were left wondering whether or not the bride would stay in the marriage after such early signs of abuse

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