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Mnangagwa should cut down on foreign trips

by Peter K
25 Mar 2019 at 11:03hrs | Views

I am certain that by now President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lost count of the foreign trips he has embarked on since he came into power in 2017.

It is an open secret that Zimbabwe had become largely disintegrated from the outside world largely due to a toxic foreign policy that I am sure Mnangagwa himself should take a fair share of blame for.

His re-engagement efforts should nonetheless be commended, but I am sure there are far more cheaper ways of engaging the outside world that wasting millions of dollars on junkets that are only bleeding an anaemic economy.

Zimbabwe's economy cannot sustain his insatiable appetite for travelling. Just a few days ago, senior doctors put into perspective just how dire the situation in this country is. It is hard to imagine that referral hospitals do not have consumables that bandages and common aspirin.

We can only imagine the situation that is obtaining in rural hospitals.

I think the team that he appointed to be his advisors are cunning liars who do not really tell him the truth.

They are surrounding him just to sing praises and curry  favours.

If they are to be frank with him, then they would tell him in an earnest manner that he should be at the forefront of saving  the country's resources.

If he were to cut on the jaunts, and probably redirect all that foreign currency he is using to hire private jets, in a matter of months or even days this country would be a nation of imperious success.

What is shocking is that his government is preaching the gospel of austerity which they themselves are not prepared to embrace.

Fuel price has been rising and all they do is pay lip service to all of this without taking meaningful action.

As a country, we had high hopes that probably Mnangagwa would have learnt from Robert Mugabe's mistakes, but alas he seems hellbent on refining them.

Zimbabweans deserve better than what they are getting from Mnangagwa.

Right now a lot of money needs to be channelled towards infrastructure development after roads and homes were destroyed by Cyclone Idai.

We need leaders who are selfless.

Peter K.

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