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Chief Ngungumbane blocked the building of a school in his area?

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Apr 2019 at 09:46hrs | Views
Cultural Activist Nothiwani Dlodlo says Chief Ngungumbane working with some political leaders in Mberengwa blocked the construction of Ngungumbane satellite Secondary school in 2012.

Dlodlo said the Chief was working former Minister Makhosini Hlongwane and the Midlands Provincial Education Director one Mrs Gudo.

Read Dlodlo's full statement below:

In 2012 when I developed political ambition to contest for the Mberengwa east parliamentary seat thus when I knew that the Chief was not neutral but greediness would also sway him at some point. Chief Ngungumbane likes back biting #ukuhleba/ ukunyeya

In my campaign manifesto I had proposed to establish a new secondary school in Ngungumbane realising that his favorite Makhosini Hlongwane was going to lose if this succeeded , he teamed up with ZANU PF DCC, Makhosini, Warvets, DSI and Midlands PED Mrs Gudo to block the establishment of school.

When schools opened in January 2012 we had 55 children gathered at satellite school venue but were chased away by Mberengwa DSI Mr Shirichena who belonged to Makhosini's ZANU PF faction. I approached head office Ministry of Education for recourse over this matter that is when I met Hon Dokora.

After meeting Hon Dokora he directly telephoned Midlands PED instructing her that on 24/02/12 he is coming in person to open the school he wanted to get all the 55 kids there. When this message reached Chief Ngungumbane realising that his faction was on the receiving end.

Chief Ngungumbane teamed up with the local councillor and instructed all his village heads to tell people to boycott Hon Dokora official opening of Ngungumbane satellite secondary school and his word was taken. When Dokora came we had only 9 parents who attended the event.

Chief Ngungumbane, local councillor, Makhosini, all village heads and local political leadership didn't attend this event through Chief Ngungumbane's involvement in factional politics but to date Ngungumbane secondary is 100 % functional 2of it's pioneer students are at U.C.E in BYO.

After successfully boycotting the official opening of Ngungumbane satellite secondary school on 24/2/12 Chief Ngungumbane invited all his 23 village heads on 05/3/12 at his grandfather's homestead built in 1948 and instructed them not to involve them in a political school.

On 01/4/12 Chief Ngungumbane sent his family clan elders (abako Mkhwananzi) to me and he instructed them that they should tell me to reverse the establishment of Ngungumbane secondary school soon after this meeting a big snake came to attack me but it failed #this is verifiable

Fast forward when Makhosini Hlongwane crossed floor from Lacoste to G40 after he was appointed minister he crossed with Chief Ngungumbane and they became so so close to Former VP Mphoko and now Chief Ngungumbane was promised presidency of national Chiefs council

Source - Byo24News