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Gift Banda cracks the whip on MDC structures

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Apr 2019 at 13:36hrs | Views
MDC Provincial Chairperson Honourable  Gift Banda has cracked the whip on MDC members who are pursuing factional politics as the party convenes Branch and Ward congresses.

Banda, who is not seeking re-election, said: "Since the beginning of Congress processes, l have observed lots of shenanigans, from indiscriminately changing known and approved branch and ward Congress venues, to some running away with election forms.

"We have observed people who, after assigned election supervisors had postponed the election, would then assemble and conduct a factional election and expect that to be considered a properly done ward."

Banda said as the leadership of the Province they will not allow factional agendas to prevail but they will implement the Congress preparations with due diligence and uttermost integrity.

"Tempers have shot over the roofs as desperation cripples in, as prospects of imminent lose get clearer. Mudslinging, name calling, insulting and outright disrespect and violation of individual rights has become the order of the day.

"As a province, we have remained resolute in the midst of the storm, we remain guided by the constitution and template. There is no amount of bickering, insult, Mudslinging, arm twisting or blackmail that will deter us from the right course."

He further added that most of the Wards are done except a few. The remaining ones include Ward 16 where there was chaos which was allegedly caused by Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarame and one Collet Ndlovu.

"Let it be known and be on record that, despite the bad publicity from both ZANU PF agents and known rumour and lie peddlers, that we are done with most wards in Bulawayo,  and are only left with wards, 7,10, 16, 17, 28 that are yet to be done."

Source - Byo24News