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Mnangagwa's briefcase has spying capacity?

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Apr 2019 at 16:18hrs | Views
Former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says the controversial Louis Vuitton briefcase has spying capacity.   

Commenting on a discussion about the bag on Twitter Prof. Moyo aid, "He parted company with that bag and the people who gave it to him as a controversial gift with spying capacity, around May/June 2018. The consequences of the separation are a continuing story with deadly ramifications!"

A book by Douglas Rogers called Two weeks in November narrates how Mnangagwa got angry when his sons almost lost the briefcase at Forbes border when he was running away from Robert Mugabe's killers.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Dad asked if I knew where his briefcase was and I said, I don't know where it is. He then said Go back and get it. I was shocked and said You want me to go back where we came from?  Under no circumstances am I going back to that border post.

During the reconnaissance trips to assess the situation, the brothers took the opportunity to enlist the help of the men from the military intelligence to collect Mnangagwa's brown briefcase from the car left behind at the border post. Collins says the police tried to prevent the military personnel from getting access to the vehicle, but the police and the intelligence operatives were beaten up. When Mnangagwa was finally handed the briefcase he was delighted to get it back. He still uses it today.  

Tired the group prepared to put up for the few remaining hours before daybreak. Collins remembers that his father did not sleep; he just sat up with his Louis Vuitton by his side until dawn. At about 5:45 AM, Mnangagwa woke the group up. It was time to leave for Forbes border post between Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Source - Byo24News